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Discover Brocéliande in Brittany

The Forest of Broceliande

The campsite is situated to 15 km of Tréhorenteuc, carries the West of Broceliande. You will discover it the Chapel of Graal of the Abbot Gillard: stained glasses and paintings, real works of art rich in symbolism, hyphens between the legends and the spirituality. A little farther, the Golden tree, the mirror to the Fairies, Valley without return and its magnificent rocks of shiste red. The fountain of Barenton with its sheaves of bubbles; the garden to the monks, the megalithic site; the (...)

Brittany’s inland, Ground of legends

Murielle and Stéphane welcome you in the heart of Brittany, earth of legends, near the forest of Broceliande. In the country of Merlin the Enchanter, Fairies and Sprites, the Knights of the Round Table invite you in the Collection of Graal...
You will discover, in the course of the paths of the campsite, the Knights: Lancelot, Gauvain, Galahad, Perceval, Tristan ...... King Arthur... the sword Excalibur in its rock ..... Graal sculptured on the Celtic fountain near the river....
Halfway (...)