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Leisure activities in a natural environment

Offer yourselves different holidays in a leafy and authentic setting, in the heart of traditional Brittany.

Orchard, Local products, Bar/Snack/Friterie, Bread oven,...

 Musical campfire *. Please bring your musical instruments and vocal notebooks.
 Bowling Bretonnes with apple wood ball of ... 3 kg!
 Making bread * by children and baking in “ wood oven ”
 Pétanque game in the shade of the oaks.
 Vigil narrated ** around the Holy Grail fountain of the campsite
 Jewellery creation workshop for young and old**
 Local artisans and producers market*
 Breton pancakes and galettes evening**
 Donkey Ride ** at the campsite
 1 trampoline,1 baby foot, 3 ping-pong tables + large miscellaneous playground
 Board games and library
 Hiking and bike trails from the campsite
 Bike rental on site for the whole family

* in high season from July 6 to August 30
** paid animations with preferential rates